No Time To Grind

Earthworm Jim - No Time To Grind Episode 35

Discussion from 27:25!

GROOVY! A lot to talk about! Adrian prepares to die with the Dark Souls Switch network test, we muse about Luigi's Mansion 3, Playstation Classic, and the closing of Tell-Tale Games and Capcom Vancouver. Youtube Gaming also comes to an end. Matt reveals a brand new Pokemon - and is taunted by the idea of Avatar: The Last Airbender's Netflix adaptation. All of that, and then... EARTH WORM JIIIM

Earthworm Jim - No Time To Grind Episode 35

The thirty-fifth episode of No Time To Grind - The podcast for the busy gamer! In this episode we discuss Earthworm Jim, gaming news and what we've been up to. Thanks for listening! Our next game is FORTNITE!

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