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Max Payne - No Time To Grind Episode 57

A podcast with nothing to lose

Don't listen to this in bullet time or its 80 minutes long

Okay, so maybe your wife isn’t dead, and maybe you never played this classic Remedy game that came out a whopping eighteen years ago. Maybe you’re not a busy gamer, you could be a kid. We answer the question “where does Max Payne sit in 2019?”, and figure out if it is worth the time of us precious busy boys.

Like a beautiful slow motion swan dive into your ears, this podcast is here to blow out your brains. Remember Max Payne? Was it ever really good enough to warrant your time or money? I mean, this classic third person shooter is on Steam, so it must be good, right? Well, do we have a twist for you -twists and turns like the roots of ygdrassil.

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