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Monster Hunter Rise - No Time To Grind Episode 82

Grinding gems and greatswords on the go!

Michael the bard on the Hunting Horn, Adrian the Anime on the Dual Blades, and Matt the flippy on the Sword and Shield take on the latest entry of Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter: Rise.

Is a switchaxe on the switch better than a lance guarding up on a home console? Is Monster Hunter Rise a game for a busy gamer? Find out in this episode, which has been specially formulated so you can find out and finish by 24:24, and then, if you haven't finished the game, you can bounce at around 33:00.. around then... But yes, we made this episode for busy gamers that can't listen to the whole episode, and for those who don't want the spoilers of the end game monsters.

Otherwise, sit back, relax, and listen to this while you farm those very same endgame bosses in order to get a WEX2/CB1 talisman, and pray you aren't stuck in a bad RNG seed.

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Monster Hunter Rise - No Time To Grind Episode 82

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