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The games we're covering for 2020! - Extrasode 1 2020

January – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time February – Chrono Trigger March – Grand Theft Auto: Vice City April – Castelvania: Symphony of the Night May – Final Fantasy VII Remake June – The Last of Us: Part 2 July – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt August – Batman: Arkham Asylum September – Bioshock October – Cyberpunk 2077 November – Crash Bandicoot: Warped December – Dragon Age: Origins

Join us as we talk about Tuatara, the Ancient New Zealand Lizard. Just kidding, we smash out some news, and talk about our games to come. Delays abound, why Marvel’s Avengers gotta do me like that? We talk about the Nintendo DLC, everyones a little disappointed. Not Mike tho, he’s still on his honeymoon high. Matt sings a terrible song, but upon relistening to it, it wasn’t as bad as he thought, thank GOD. Where’s my backing track, Adrian?

We talk about our games of the new year and our new fortnight, they’re all indie, cult followed games? I think?

I’ve put them in a list right at the top for you busy gamers & Google SEO, love you busy gamers

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The games we're covering for 2020! - Extrasode 1 2020

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