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Soulbound™ - Extrasode 7 2020

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So it's halfway through our playthrough of The Last of Us: Part II, and how do we feel? Misguided optimism comes to mind. Michael asks if Grand Theft Auto Online is the best multiplayer game (spoilers, it aint) but we talk about what we want in a multiplayer game in general. Like, what would the perfect Soulslike game be? And if you want to go to our kickstarter for Soulsbound, too bad, you can't. Demon Souls, look out, Dark Souls is here.

Speaking of threats, The Legend of Zelda is up against Crystalis and StarTropics, biding for Michael's attention between his days in seattle, and Adrian grieves on his experience's with Obsidian's Outer Worlds (and a little bit of joy with Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order). All of that and more! For this is

Extrasode 7 2020

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