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Is Super Mario Party the Switch's Best Party Game? - No Time To Grind Echo Episode

Only 30 minutes!

Yahoo! Its-a me, Hating Your Friends 2k18. This is it. Where boys become men, girls become boys, and mushrooms become mushroom bombs. Join Mario the lad, Adrian the sound, Peach the fruit, Matt the laughs, Bowsette the goddess, Michael the brains, and Waluigi the memegod in SUPER MARIO PARTY. Super Mario Party is a good game. We all know that already. But...

Is Super Mario Party the Switch's Best Party Game?

The second episode of our new Echo Episodes - bite-size episodes where we discuss a particular topic about a particular game. This time we talk about the fun times we've had with Super Mario Party and if its the best game to play with friends on Switch!

Feedback would be great, and make sure to stay tuned for our HEARTHSTONE episode coming next week!

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